Is fiber available for your address?

If Fidium doesn’t show that fiber is available for your address, please contact Lamoille FiberNet! Because this is new construction, some addresses are not yet in Fidium’s list.

Fiber Network Construction Schedule in Lamoille County

To see details on which phase of construction your town is in, go to: Fast, Reliable Fiber Internet Service Locations | Fidium Fiber, find your town, and scroll down to the phases. On that page, you can also:

  • pre-order Fidium fiber internet
  • see Fidium’s pricing and speeds

For questions about installation, go to Underground Service – Lamoille FiberNet.

Still have questions? If you have specific questions or concerns not answered in this info, or are planning new construction, or have a driveway that’s longer than 500 ft., please call Fidium at (877) 769-4771. For other questions, please contact