Cows grazing in pasture with mountain range and fall foliage in the background.


Lamoille FiberNet awarded $20,000 grant from Vermont Community Foundation

Lamoille County, VT, January 4, 2021 – Lamoille FiberNet Communications Union District (CUD) has been awarded a $20,000 grant from the Vermont Community Foundation (VCF) for general operating support.

Lamoille FiberNet was formed to make high-speed internet service available to every address in its member towns, which currently include Belvidere, Eden, Waterville, Cambridge, Johnson, Hyde Park, Morristown, and Stowe.

The award was made through the VCF’s VT COVID-19 Response Fund, which is designed to support non-profits that serve community needs and impacts caused by the spread of the pandemic in Vermont and those that benefit longer term social and economic recovery. The Fund is supported by grants and generous contributions from VCF funders.

The VCF recognizes the vital importance of access to high-speed internet access, particularly in under-served and unserved rural areas, stating that Lamoille FiberNet’s work “to respond to the social and economic recovery of our state is vital….” Lea Kilvadyova, Lamoille FiberNet’s Clerk, said, “We agree – the need is real, and we sincerely appreciate VCF’s continued support.”

Cows grazing in pasture with mountain range and fall foliage in the background.

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