Lamoille FiberNet CUD Receives $1.19M Grant

Dec 22, 2021

Lamoille FiberNet Communications Union District (CUD) was recently awarded a grant by the Vermont Community Broadband Board. Lamoille FiberNet is one of nine CUDs across Vermont working to bring high speed, synchronous fiber internet connections to Vermont’s communities. Lamoille FiberNet CUD serves Belvidere, Cambridge, Eden, Hyde Park, Johnson, Morrisville, Stowe, Waterville, and Wolcott, and is in discussions with other towns that may join the district.

The grant, which covers costs associated with pre-construction and capacity-building, was for $1,193,885. Val Davis, the executive director of Lamoille FiberNet said, “These funds will go a long way in allowing us to file the necessary applications and complete pre-construction planning and engineering, as we are planning to break ground during our first construction season beginning in Summer 2022.” Costs covered include a pole study and pole applications – steps which are required to be able to attach fiber to the utility poles in LFCUD’s service area.

Lamoille FiberNet CUD is partnering with Northwest CUD to bring economies of scale to their work. The two CUDs have entered into a memorandum of understanding and are working together as they negotiate with ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and a construction partner(s) to complete the build out of the fiber network.

The mission of Lamoille FiberNet Communications Union District (LFCUD) is to make locally controlled, affordable and reliable high-speed Internet service available to every address in our member towns – Belvidere, Cambridge, Eden, Hyde Park, Johnson, Morristown, Stowe, Waterville and Wolcott. Serving community, not profit. For more info, go to