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Lamoille FiberNet Welcomes New Officers to the Board

One of the items on the agenda for the Annual meeting of the Lamoille FiberNet Governing Board (held on the second Tuesday in May, per statute) was the election of officers for the next 12 months. This year the Board elected Jeff Tilton from Waterville as Chair, and Andrew Ross from Wolcott to serve as Vice Chair. Jeff will replace Jane Campbell from Morristown, whose leadership and attention to detail have proven invaluable over the last two years that she has presided over the Board.

Jeff has been one of Waterville’s CUD Board representatives since Lamoille FiberNet was founded in 2020. Born and raised in Waterville, he is a fifth-generation resident of the town. He graduated from Lamoille Union High School in 2000 and went on to earn his Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation from Daniel Webster College in Nashua, New Hampshire. He spent a few years teaching others to fly before embarking on his current career path as an airline pilot in 2006. Today, he is a New York-based Captain for Delta Air Lines, which of course requires out of state travel several times a month. “The option of attending meetings remotely through videoconferencing makes it possible for me to meet my Board and committee obligations even when my job or travels take me out of town. For me, this highlights one importance of having high-speed communications services available in our community.”

Andy lives in a log home in Wolcott with his spouse, beagle, and black cat. As an information systems and customer experience optimization consultant to large companies, including many telcos in the US and Canada, he has seen firsthand the evolution of telecommunications firms and their capabilities. Andy has an MSEE from The Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Bowdoin College. As Andy will tell you: “Reliable broadband is critical to nearly all functions in the Ross household, from working remotely, communicating via mobile phone (over internet), to watching various sports events and entertainment.”

When not thinking about broadband, Andy can be found hiking, gravel biking, Nordic skiing, cooking, or fixing his home.

The mission of Lamoille FiberNet Communications Union District is to prioritize access to unserved and underserved addresses to symmetrical, high-speed, and affordable internet service—as soon as possible. Our vision is that every home and business in our territory will be connected to fast, reliable internet service.

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Cows grazing in pasture with mountain range and fall foliage in the background.

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