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Looking for internet service?

Looking for internet for your home or business, but not sure which internet service providers are available in your area? Lamoille FiberNet CUD can help you identify your options. Finding an ISP (Internet Service Provider) can be challenging in rural areas, and information online can sometimes be confusing or misleading, with automated location-based advertisements claiming to provide service to addresses that aren’t covered.

Lamoille FiberNet has compiled a list of available providers in the Lamoille FiberNet area as of December 2021.

Consolidated: In many of our communities, service (though sometimes limited) is available through Consolidated, which offers DSL service and can sometimes offer a “bonded pair” to increase speed and reliability. DSL and Bonded Pair services are delivered on the same copper wires that landline telephone service uses. The availability of DSL Service is dependent on your proximity to their CO or Central Office equipment. The service will not work beyond a specific distance. For more information visit

Comcast (Xfinity): Comcast also offers service to many of our communities but is only found in population centers. Comcast’s internet service is delivered over Coax Cable which is the same cable that is used for Cable Television. The connection speeds cable offers are usually much higher than can be achieved with DSL. Contact Comcast by visiting

Mansfield Community Fiber:
Mansfield Community Fiber has been expanding their network; their service is currently available in some areas of Cambridge, and they have plans to serve some parts of Waterville in 2022. These are fiber connections. To see their current service visit

VTel Wireless:
VTel Wireless lists many Lamoille County communities as being available to receive wireless internet through VTel. The service requires the purchase of equipment and a 24-month contract but for those who don’t have any other options, VTel might be a good solution. Find out more about VTel Wireless at

ATT and Verizon:
For residents who are not near any of the services mentioned above there are other options. Both AT&T and Verizon offer home internet solutions over their wireless networks. In order to use these wireless cellular data services, you will need a good signal for whichever provider you choose. Find out more at or

Go to if you’d like to learn more about the different types of internet available, or learn more about Lamoille FiberNet’s mission of bringing reliable, high-speed, symmetrical internet that is locally controlled and cost-effective to every address in Belvidere, Cambridge, Eden, Hyde Park, Johnson, Morristown, Stowe, Waterville and Wolcott—as soon as possible. Serving community, not profit.

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