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Municipal Collaboration – Lamoille FiberNet & LCPC 

As the final preparations are being made to begin the 2024 “phase one” buildout of the fiber network with Consolidated Communications and get groundwork for the final “phase two” plan underway, Lamoille Fibernet is shifting its focus toward long-term sustainability.

A key factor of its sustainability will be minimizing the administrative expenses incurred by the organization. One way that FiberNet is reducing its overhead is by leveraging a local resource and moving to shared office and meeting space with Lamoille County Planning Commission (LCPC). Starting in January, Lamoille FiberNet’s permanent office location will be located at 52 Portland Street in Morrisville, just a block away from its current office space on Main Street.

Jeff Tilton, Lamoille FiberNet’s board chair, said “LCPC – and notably the late Regional Planner Lea Kilvadyova – played a critical role in the CUD’s formation and in the early days of Lamoille FiberNet. Now, with our eyes on the future, we see this shared resource as a deepening of our long-standing relationship with our local Regional Planning Commission, and we look forward to exploring more ways our two organizations can collaborate.”

You can find more information about Lamoille FiberNet at

Our Vision: Every home and business in our territory will be connected to fast, reliable internet service.

Our Mission: To prioritize access to unserved and underserved addresses to symmetrical, high speed, and affordable internet service — as soon as possible.


Map of Lamoille County, showing Lamoille FiberNet's 10 towns.

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