Installation & Underground Service

We’re excited that fiber network construction is underway in most of Lamoille County! In our partnership with Fidium Fiber, (owned by Consolidated Communications, Inc.), Fidium is building the fiber network and will provide the high-speed internet service. Once the construction builds the fiber distribution network, you will need installation of service to your home or business.

What about installation?

Fidium’s installation policy covers all addresses with existing Consolidated poles or conduits that Fidium can use, as well as all addresses that are 500 feet or less from the access point (pole line, pedestal or road). If your address falls into either of those two categories, Fidium can install your service free of charge!

If your address is more than 500 feet from an access point and does not have existing telephone poles or conduit Fidium can use, you will need to work with a contractor to install conduit on your property. Fidium does not cover the cost of the contractor.

Installation Costs

Please see the table below for a helpful guide on what to do in each situation.

IDMy House/BusinessWhat To Do
1Has existing telephone poles or conduit that Consolidated has used for a phone line or DSL.*Call and pre-order service! Installation is free.
2Does not have existing telephone poles or conduit and is 500 feet or less from the pole line/road.Call and pre-order service! Installation is free.
3Does not have existing telephone poles or conduit and is more than 500 feet from the pole line/road. Reach out to a contractor about placing conduit on your property that can be used for fiber. See the details below on exactly what type of conduit Fidium requires.

*If your copper phone line or DSL line is direct buried or if poles or conduit are heavily damaged and unusable Consolidated will not be able to use them and will treat the installation as either line 2 or 3 depending on the length of the drop.

Local Contractors Serving Lamoille County

If your house/building is in situation 3, where you need to install conduit for fiber, you’ll need to reach out to a contractor to install conduit for fiber on your property. Fidium requires conduit that is 2-inch PVC with a pull box every 450 feet.

Many landscaping services, excavation and construction companies can assist you with underground conduit installation. Below is a partial list of locally owned and managed providers who serve our communities. While these are not Lamoille Fibernet contractors, they all have experience installing underground utility conduit in Lamoille County. We are providing this list as a convenience to our customers — it is the building owner’s responsibility to ensure all work is performed in accordance with conduit requirements. If you or your selected contractor have any questions, please call Fidium at (877) 769-4771. (If you would like your business added to this list, please contact

K BellavanceBarre 279-8488
Northstar Excavation ServicesUnderhill/
(802) 324-8818
Walker ConstructionWaterbury 244-7400
All Terrain ExcavatingSo. Burlington 489-6939
Local ElectricMorrisville 343-6741
Kapusta ExcavatingWolcott 730-0121
Dale PercyStowe 253-8503

When you schedule your Fidium service installation, you can speak with the Fidium representative about special circumstances on your property, the product(s) you want to order, and whether you will need any special equipment. Fidium’s internet service comes with a compatible modem, or you may provide your own. If you want to subscribe to the 2Gig product, you may need special equipment and a special installation for which there is a charge. Again, check out the product selection and other information at

For other questions about the construction map, timetable and pre-ordering, go to Is fiber available for your address? – Lamoille FiberNet.