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When is Lamoille FiberNet coming?

The first phase of our fiber network construction will begin in 2024. You can contact Lamoille FiberNet to find out if your address is on the project list for Phase 1. Please review the information below before contacting us:

Phase 1

The first phase will include unserved and underserved (i.e., wired or wireless Internet speed is less than 25 Megabits down/3 Megabits up) addresses in Belvidere, Eden, Elmore, Hyde Park, Johnson, Waterville, and Wolcott (wireless also includes satellite internet services).  We will build to almost all Morristown addresses and a substantial portion of Stowe and Cambridge. The address must also be “on grid” — meaning it has electrical service.


To reach unserved/underserved addresses, we will pass some already served addresses. If your address is on the way, your address may be eligible for service in Phase 1.

Why do we have to wait until 2024? 

The grant funding for Phase I of the Lamoille FiberNet/Fidium broadband network was just approved. Between now and spring of 2024, we need to review poles and lines, get permits, and finalize the detailed design of the network. We will update each town as construction plans are finalized, and when ready, post our schedule on our website. We expect areas to be served on a rolling basis, beginning early summer through the end of 2024. Addresses will be served as construction progresses.

Are you on the list?

To find out if your address will be included in Phase 1, please email our construction manager, Fabian Bourgeois at Remember, we will know exactly when your address or road is being built only when designs are finalized.

Please do not call Fidium — it is too early in the process for Fidium sales representatives to schedule installations. If you want to let Fidium know you are interested in fiber Internet service, you may put your address on their “pre-order” list via the online option: 

  1. Go to: and click CHECK AVAILABILITY button, top right of screen, 
  2. Enter your address and fill in the form, 
  3. Fidium will take it from there!

Also, you can see Fidium’s product and price information by looking up your town on this site: Fast, Reliable Fiber Internet Service Locations | Fidium Fiber

Any questions? 

For other questions, feel free to email the Lamoille FiberNet office at: or visit our website:

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