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Who’s behind Lamoille FiberNet? Board profile: Randy Tomlin

“I believe that teams accomplish the impossible and make it fun.” That’s the core of how Randy Tomlin approaches his work. Tomlin is Elmore’s representative on the Lamoille FiberNet CUD board and is also Chair of the CUD’s Partnership Task Force. In his spare time, you’ll find him on the ski slopes, golf course, or in his woodworking shop.

In his 34 years of experience with ATT, Tomlin led teams that brought fiber networks to over 13 million subscribers in the western US, in Kansas, California and Nevada. That experience was invaluable as the Lamoille FiberNet team assessed various partnership proposals and negotiated terms with their chosen partner, Fidium Fiber, which is owned by Consolidated Communications.

“By choosing Fidium Fiber, Lamoille FiberNet has set itself on a path which will not only bring high-speed, symmetrical internet to our county, but which at the same time is the most financially sustainable path we could have chosen,” Tomlin said. “My passion has always been delivering a combination of operational excellence and financial benefit to the stakeholders for any project, and I think this deal does both.”

Lamoille FiberNet’s Board Chair Jeff Tilton noted that “Randy joined our CUD board at the perfect time. His expertise with building networks was key to our evaluations of the potential network models. We are lucky that he and his wife chose to live in Elmore after his years out west, and last but not least, Randy is a great team player, with a positive attitude that’s contagious.”

In closing, Tomlin said “My wife Lisa and I chose Elmore because of the natural beauty of Vermont, the lifestyle, and the friendly close-knit communities, and I’ve felt that working to bring fiber internet to our towns has been a great way to give back to this great community. I have really enjoyed working with the CUD board and staff — it’s a great group.”

To see the full list of the Lamoille FiberNet board, go to About Lamoille FiberNet – Lamoille FiberNet.

Lamoille FiberNet’s mission is to prioritize access to unserved and underserved addresses to symmetrical, high-speed, and affordable internet service—as soon as possible. Our vision is that every home and business in our territory will be connected to fast, reliable internet service.

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