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Lamoille FiberNet Partners with Fidium Fiber To Bring High-Speed Broadband Internet Service to Lamoille County

Lamoille FiberNet Communications Union District is excited to announce a new long-term partnership with Fidium Fiber to bring reliable, high-speed, fiber broadband internet services to the 4,800 unserved and underserved Lamoille County homes and businesses. Lamoille FiberNet chose Fidium Fiber because of their low-cost options for customers, the speed with which they plan to build the network, and Fidium’s track record for delivering highly rated customer service. Fidium, owned by Consolidated Communications, plans to invest almost $10 million dollars to supplement the $14.9 million in grants Lamoille FiberNet is requesting from the Vermont Community Broadband Board.

The 630-mile network will be built in two phases. Phase 1 represents 550 miles and is scheduled for 2024, including all unserved and underserved addresses in Belvidere, Eden, Johnson, Hyde Park, Morristown, Waterville, the Lamoille FiberNet portions of Elmore and Wolcott, and significant portions of Stowe and Cambridge. Lamoille FiberNet has applied to the VCBB for funding to complete Phase1. Phase 2, which is the remaining portions of Stowe and Cambridge, is planned for 2025 and will require additional but substantially less grant funding. Once the detailed design is completed in late fall, schedules will be shared with towns to ensure the construction process runs smoothly.

“Building a fiber network as quickly as possible throughout the district is a priority for Lamoille FiberNet,” said Governing Board Chair, Jeff Tilton. “Fidium Fiber has already demonstrated success in delivering internet access to unserved/underserved communities in Vermont and throughout New England.” Fidium came highly recommended to Lamoille FiberNet by Southern Vermont CUD, which partnered with Fidium Fiber last year. In that time, Fidium has been able to bring fiber to more than 12,000 homes and businesses in 2022 and are on track to complete an additional 14,000 this year which would make Southern Vermont CUD the first to reach their goal of universal access.  

“Affordability is a key reason Fidium Fiber was chosen to serve Lamoille County. Their prices are significantly lower than most providers and they offer the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) for qualifying households,” said Lisa Birmingham, Lamoille FiberNet’s interim executive director. “This partnership also presents substantially less financial risk for our CUD and includes multiple performance and customer service commitments, including an extensive installation policy which will substantially reduce out-of-pocket costs for consumers. Customers in towns that have pledged local ARPA funds to Lamoille FiberNet may get financial assistance on installations as well.”

“We’re excited that Lamoille FiberNet has trusted Consolidated as their partner as they work to bring broadband to their community,” said Sarah Davis, vice president of Government Affairs for Consolidated. “Working together, we will deliver multi-gig speed, Fidium Fiber internet to the residents and small businesses in the Lamoille FiberNet area. Soon, this community will benefit from the many employment, economic, educational and entertainment opportunities that accompany reliable, superfast internet.”

“Lamoille FiberNet is excited to move forward with our Fidium partnership and bring reliable, affordable internet to our neighbors who have been waiting for way too long,” Tilton said.

The VCBB approved Lamoille FiberNet’s $1.3 million pre-construction grant at its August 14th meeting and is expected to continue deliberations on Lamoille FiberNet’s Construction Grant at its September 11th meeting.

For more information about Lamoille FiberNet, visit For info about Fidium Fiber, visit their website

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Lamoille FiberNet’s Vision is that every home and business in our territory will be connected to fast, reliable internet service. ​ Our mission is to prioritize access to unserved and underserved addresses to symmetrical, high speed, and affordable internet service — as soon as possible.

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