Lamoille FiberNet Takes First Step for High Speed Broadband

Nov 12, 2020

Lamoille County, VT, November 12, 2020 – Lamoille FiberNet announced that it has taken the first step toward building fiber-based broadband network in its north central Vermont region.

“Building the fiber network will be a multi-year project,” noted Michael Rooney, chair of the Lamoille FiberNet board. “The pole assessment is the fiber network’s first phase. The pole study evaluates each utility pole for its readiness and capacity to support the addition of fiber to each pole. Lamoille FiberNet is emphasizing fiber broadband in its work to give our region the fastest, most reliable service possible. Fiber broadband is the best solution for families with several people using the internet at the same time.”

The first pole assessment, conducted by Matrix Design Group, will take place in Waterville, Belvidere and Cambridge, in selected areas with no or little internet access. The pole assessment is being funded by a grant from the Federal CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act), and pole survey crews will be in the field over the next month, gathering data for the assessment.
“Even though Lamoille FiberNet is committed to bringing high-speed Internet service over fiber to every 911 address in all its member towns, we are assessing poles first in these areas as they are the most unserved or underserved communities in the district,” noted Larry Lackey, Lamoille FiberNet’s treasurer. “When we are closer to the knowing the timeframe and cost of providing our service, the district will conduct a pre-subscription campaign to confirm residents’ interest in using Lamoille FiberNet’s services.”

Lamoille FiberNet will continue to raise funds, including grants, donations, debt financing and possibly equity investments, to conduct the next phases of the network design and build-out. After the pole assessment, the district will refine its network design, secure financing, prepare the poles and its cables for the addition of fiber (make-ready), and build the network.

The Lamoille FiberNet is one of Vermont’s Communications Union Districts (CUDs), which are organizations of two or more towns that join together as a municipal entity to build communication infrastructure (Vermont legislation, VSA 30 Chapter 82, enabled the formation of CUDs). CUDs get no financing from the member towns or taxes.

To date, Lamoille FiberNet CUD includes the towns of Belvidere, Cambridge, Eden, Johnson, Hyde Park, Morristown and Waterville. Lamoille FiberNet CUD’s mission is to make locally controlled, affordable, and reliable high-speed internet service available to every 911 address in its member towns.

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